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kayaker paddles down river





May - Aug

Kayaking in Vail

Always wanted to try kayaking but not sure where to start? We have various options for group and private lessons and kids camps.

Group Lessons

This two day course starts with an evening or afternoon lake session and progresses to a full day on the Colorado River. You will learn effective paddling techniques, paddle strokes, river reading skills, bracing, ferries, eddy turns, peel outs, surfing, personal and group safety techniques.

Private Lessons

A one day intensive beginner class with more personalized attention and instruction. Do both the lake and river portions of the beginner class in one day! A lower student to instructor ratio means faster progression.

Kids Camps

Spend one day on the lake, learning the gear, wet exits, bracing, paddle strokes and more! Then, this camp spends three days on the river working on those skills, learning to read the river, learning river safely, ferrying, surfing and more!

For more information, check out Alpine Kayak.