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Free Bus to Trails Around Vail

bus it to hike itHelp us protect the trails we all love and consider taking the free bus to the trailhead of your hiking or biking adventure. Parking spaces are limited at many Vail trailheads, and the bus system from Vail, Lionshead, East Vail and West Vail stops at or near the surrounding trailheads.

Just park (free in the summer) in the Vail Village or Lionshead parking structure. Buses to outlying trailheads leave from the top level of the Vail Village Transportation Center. If you park in Lionshead, take a FREE in-town bus to the Covered Bridge stop in Vail Village.

For seasonal bus routes and times, visit or pick up a schedule at Vail Village Parking & Transportation Center.

SUMMER 2022 Booth Lake Parking Update: There is no parking at the Booth Lake Trailhead or anywhere in the surrounding neighborhood, violators will be ticketed and/or towed. Pick-up and drop-off from passenger vehicles will be allowed at the trailhead starting June 1. All shuttles must drop-off at the bottom of Booth Falls Rd., where designated, adjacent to the Booth Falls bus stop.
Visitors to the Gore/Deluge trailhead will see designated parking spaces and delineated no parking areas to address conflicts between vehicles and bicyclists on Vail Pass.

The Town of Vail and the White River National Forest encourage hikers to Bus It to Hike It.