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June - Sept

Piney River Ranch

Locals will tell you that Piney River Ranch is that gem, that must-see, spectacular place all guests must visit while in Vail. Set on the edge of Piney Lake, at the foot of the Gore Range, this 40-acre retreat is an essential adventure just 12-miles outside of Vail.  Be sure to allocate a full day, you’ll need it!  Activities and adventures include: 6-mile hike to Piney Falls, canoe or SUP the lake, fish from the shore or float, guided horseback….or just enjoy the spectacular views and authentic western ranch.  The Lodge Restaurant & Bar serves delicious BBQ on a stunning outdoor patio, so no need to worry about food.

Getting to Piney

Don’t by intimidated by the drive from Vail to Piney Ranch.  Any vehicle can handle the un-paved, gravel road  – just take it slow (allow about 45 minutes) and enjoy the scenery – it’s part of the adventure! Piney River Ranch is open seasonally, from June 21st through the last weekend in September, daily from 9am – 4pm.  Our remote high-altitude location brings variations in weather; be prepared for sun, high wind, rain, sleet and even snow. Additionally, the high-altitude makes sunscreen and sunglasses extremely important.  Be prepared for changing temperatures (early morning and late afternoon/evening will be cool),  bring a light to medium jacket or sweater.

Cabins and Glamping

Imagine waking up and walking out the front door of your cabin or tent to sit on your private porch, and take in the panoramic views of some of the most beautiful Rockies you’ve ever seen. Piney River Ranch offers a variety of rustic lakefront lodging, providing the ultimate Rocky Mountain getaway. We have six lakefront cabins (small and large sizes) and three glamping tents. It is the perfect way to truly get away and unplug.

Weddings &  Events

Piney River Ranch is one of Vail’s and  Colorado’s most breathtaking destinations for weddings, retreats and reunions.  We can accommodate up to 200 people in our wedding and event space. We have an in-house caterer to prepare a beautiful meal of mouth-watering “ranch-style” offerings for your special event.