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A man holds a woman gracefully aloft. Her arms and legs stretch high and wide against the mountainous backdrop behind her. The dancers are striking a pose.

Arts & Culture

Vail is a haven for culture and creativity in the mountains. From ever-changing art exhibitions to live music and dance performances, Vail's arts and culture scene thrives year-round. Engage in workshops, explore galleries, and see your favorite musical artists siloetted against the majestic rocky mountains. As you wander the pedestrian streets, delight in new flavors from the diverse array of restaurants, each offering a culinary adventure. Whatever you imagine, let Vail inspire you.


Delight in Vail’s shopping experiences, dine at exquisite restaurants and bask in the luxurious ambiance that surrounds you. Explore cultural gems and savor the picturesque vistas that grace this alpine oasis. Whether you’re drawn to outdoor adventures or seek the epitome of alpine living, Vail’s villages will enchant you. Embark on your journey to discover everything Vail has to offer.