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Clear your mind and body with meditation at 8,000 feet. Vail’s vibrant health and wellness community has what you need to sit, close your eyes and breathe the stress away. Here, you can surround yourself with serene vistas as you sink into an hour of intentional movement and meditation.



Meditation brings you to a vacation state of mind — and Vail’s serene surroundings are the perfect place to try it. You can slow waaay down by “forest bathing,” a simple process of connecting with nature and breathing deeply. With so many soothing piney paths in the region, Vail is a natural place for it.

A few of our favorite meditation spots when the weather gets warm include:

  • Betty Ford Alpine Gardens: Vail Nature Center: Take a seat on a quiet bench and be kept company by spikey native plants and endless rows of jewel-toned blooms.
  • Vail Public Library: Simply being in a library is practically a meditation all its own. This quiet location features plentiful nooks indoors and out with its peaceful woodland setting along the gurgling creek, complete with benches and picnic tables.
  • Creeks & Rivers: Explore the miles of easy-going trails along Gore Creek. Find your own tree, bench or picnic spot to unwind, listen to the rushing water and meditate while you feel miles away from hustle and bustle.