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Goat Happy Hour & Goat Yoga: Unique things to do at Vail Stables in Summer

From Goat Happy Hour to Goat Yoga, Vail Stables has “goat” you covered (ha-ha) when it comes to unique things to do in Vail in the summer.

Goat Happy Hour

Located just 1 mile from Vail Village, Goat Happy Hour at the stables is a fun and convenient way to unwind with old friends — and your new group of friendly goat buddies. It’s so popular that it starts at 11am, well before other happy hours.

This one doesn’t have to revolve around drinking either; it’s kid-friendly to its core. Everyone will get a kick out of feeding bleat-worthy treats to adorable baby goats, and even a few ponies. This allows parents to kick back and enjoy specialty brews (the bestseller is the Colorado Mule), canned cocktails and wine. Kids and nondrinkers can enjoy soft drinks, fruity Capri Sun and icy bottles of water.

But don’t get too cozy swinging in the hammocks; these silly goats can be pushy trouble-makers capable of knocking over drinks or spilling treats you purchased for them. It’s almost as if the goats get a commission for every additional purchase you make because of their antics!

Kids under 6 can ride ponies during happy hour, while adults hang out in the shaded beer garden, soaking up views of picturesque Vail Mountain. Oh, and bring your best singing voice for karaoke and open mic nights.

A tiny herd of baby goats stand around at Vail Stable's goat happy hour. They wait for treats as two people sit at a picnic table behind them.

GOGA (Goat Yoga)

It all started when people wanted to take photos with goats while holding yoga poses. The goats loved the interaction – jumping, bumping heads, playing around and sometimes even falling asleep on participants. The festive Goat Yoga (GOGA) experience caught on quickly, becoming one of the wildest and weirdest ideas to emerge from the farm-animal world. It’s also one of the most popular summer activities at Vail Stables.

The contagious chuckling at GOGA creates a nonjudgmental, friendly atmosphere, which results in a comfortable introduction to yoga, particularly for newbies. It doesn’t really matter if your downward dog is a bit more like a tired dog when several goats are nudging your arms and legs.

It’s also perfect for couples or groups where some aren’t into yoga, because you can just lay there and let goats hang out on your stomach. It’s not uncommon for grumpy non-yogis to reluctantly roll out their mat (which is provided) under the outdoor gazebo tents and, within minutes, start belly laughing as they hold a baby goat in the cricks of their elbows. Even advanced yoga practitioners get a kick out of the animals, while also getting a workout taught by certified yoga instructors.

Vail Stables staff trains its goats, beginning at 8 weeks old, to climb on people, and it soon becomes the goats’ favorite activity — so don’t be surprised if a goat hops on your back and treats you like a tabletop. After class, you can pose for photos with the herd.

Pro tip: Don’t wear your fanciest of prAna gear. Instead, opt for stretchy clothing that can withstand a little nibbling.

A person in a blue tank top and black leggings holds a plank over a squishy blue yoga mat with a baby goat, relaxed and perched on their back at goat yoga at Vail Stables. The person doing yoga laughs as the goat lies on their back.

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