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Principle 6: Respect Wildlife

Vail is home to incredible wildlife and if you’re lucky, you will see several examples during your vacation.  We know how exciting this can be, especially for young children!  But, we ask that you view and learn about our wildlife through quiet observation.  Observe wildlife from a safe distance (these are WILD animals), so animals not scared and forced to flee or become aggressive.  If you are out with a large group, divide your group into smaller groups to minimize your impacts and potential disturbance to the wildlife.   Quick movements and loud noises are stressful to animals, so travel quietly (except if you are in bear country or come across a bear, where it is good to make a little noise).  Never approach an animal to feed, pet or pick up an animal.  Wildlife can become stressed and react, and it is possible the animal may harbor rabies or other diseases.

We invite you to visit the Walking Mountains Nature Center in Vail and the Nature Discovery Center atop the Eagle Bahn Gondola for interactive exhibits and programs where you can learn more about the area’s wildlife in a safe and fun way!

Tips For Respecting Wildlife:

  • Do not move or disturb plants or other wildlife to get closer for a “better look”.
  • If you have a larger group, divide into smaller groups and travel quietly.
  • If you encounter wildlife in town or anywhere, maintain a safe distance away from wildlife, never approach for any reason.

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