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Principle 4: Leave What You Find

We understand that while you are in Vail hiking and biking on the trails, you may see sights that you don’t see back at home.  While this is very exciting and a part of the experience, we ask that you allow others that same sense of discovery by leaving flowers, rocks, plants and other objects of interest as you find them.

Tips For Leaving What You Find:

  • Stay on the marked trail and snap a photo of the wildflowers from the trail.
  • Never pick wildflowers. Picking the Columbine, Colorado’s state flower, is against the law!
  • If you clear an area of surface rocks, twigs or pine cones replace these items before leaving.
  • Do not dig wholes or trenches for any purpose (other than a cat hole for human waste).
  • If you do need to move anything, put items back the way you found them.


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