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A group of huskies prance and smile and they pull a dogsled through the snow near Vail, Colorado.





Nov - May

Vail Dog Sledding

Embrace the enchantment of dog sledding in Vail, as adorable huskies lead you through a sparkling snow globe of Colorado trails. Ideal for families and winter-nature lovers, this adventure lets you glide through frosty aspen glades and white-blanketed meadows behind a team of furry four-legged friends. Get ready to bundle up and embark on an unforgettable journey with these Vail dog-sledding experiences.


Alpine Adventures offers an unforgettable dog-sledding tour against the backdrop of bright-green pine trees and snowcapped peaks. Operating as both a tour service and a rescue facilty for retired sled dogs, Alpine Adventures takes pride in ensuring a cozy home for their seasoned athletes. As the sleds slide through the trails drawn by a spirited squad of pups, you can enjoy the frosty landscapes and listen to the peaceful sound of paws pattering on the snow.

The unique part about these tours? Your active participation: Envision yourself on a sled pulled by 10–12 eager canines. While a guide leads the way on the front sled, you get to be in control of the second sled, driving and riding in tandem with the team.



Mountain Mushers is a family-operated dog-sledding experience right here in Vail. Known for their resistance-free approach to training dogs, tours offer an immersive connection with their extraordinary canines. During your session, you will navigate a private trail surrounded by snow-quilted trees. As you coast along, you may even encounter Colorado wildlife like foxes, deer and elk.

Each sled accommodates two guests. While you’re out in the wilderness, you can stop for a steaming cup of hot cocoa and a slice homemade pumpkin bread. Snuggle up in a warm wool blanket (provided by their team), and their expert mushers will lead you along for a truly magical experience in Vail’s serene forests.


What to Bring Dog Sledding in Vail

Remember to dress the part for dog sledding in Vail. Grab your snow pants, a cozy jacket, comfy underlayers, a winter hat, warm boots, gloves, a neck gaiter or scarf, and sunglasses. Even in the chilly weather, at our high elevation it’s best to apply some sunscreen to any exposed skin, especially when the sun is strong.

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