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A group of huskies prance and smile and they pull a dogsled through the snow near Vail, Colorado.





Nov - May

Dog Sledding


Experience the Thrill of Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is an exciting winter activity that allows you to traverse snowy landscapes while being pulled by a team of strong and beautiful Huskies. It’s a fantastic adventure suitable for families and anyone seeking to explore the wilderness in a unique way. As you glide through serene Aspen glades and rolling meadows, you’ll feel the exhilaration of the sled and the power of the dog team.

Prepare for the Elements

When participating in dog sledding, it’s crucial to dress appropriately for the cold weather. Ensure you have snow pants, a warm jacket, layered clothing, a hat, insulated boots, gloves, a neck gaiter or scarf, and eye protection. Even in cold conditions, remember to apply sunscreen, especially at higher elevations where the sun can be intense.

Ideal Time For Dog Sledding

You can enjoy dog sledding adventures from December through April. To secure your spot, we recommend making advance reservations. Explore this thrilling activity with the following reputable outfitters:

Alpine Adventures

Alpine Adventures offers unique and hands-on dog sledding tours suitable for the whole family. What sets us apart is that you can take the reins and drive the dog sled yourself, creating lasting memories and forming a bond with our four-legged friends.

Mountain Mushers

Another wonderful option for dog sledding experience in the Vail Valley, choose Mountain Mushers. Our private, pristine trails are free from the noise of snowmobiles, ensuring a peaceful and picturesque dog sled ride. With a history dating back to 1989, we’re experts in the art of dog sledding, making your journey with us truly unforgettable.