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Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is the exciting activity of traveling over snow on a sled pulled by dogs, typically Huskies. Dog sledding around the Vail area is an incredible adventure into the stunning serene surroundings, and a great way for the whole family to explore the wilderness. The beautiful huskies are fun companions and take sledding into a whole different element. Feel the rush of the sled and powerful pull of the dog team as you glide through Aspen glades and rolling meadows.

Dress for the Cold

Dress for the outdoor elements with snow-pants and jacket, warm layers, hat, warm boots, gloves, neck-gator/scarf and eye protection. Don’t forget sunscreen – even when it is cold outside, the sun exposure at high elevations can be extreme.

When to Go Dog Sledding

Dog sled tours generally run from December through April.  Advance reservations are recommended with tours available from these near-by outfitters:

Alpine Adventures

Alpine Adventures offers unique and exciting hands-on dogsledding tours that are fun for the entire family, and you get to drive the dog sled!  We offer several dogsledding tour options,  and you are sure to leave with memories that will last a lifetime – as well as some new four-legged friends.

Mountain Mushers

Mountain Mushers  offers the best dog sledding in the Vail Valley with private beautiful trails, free from snowmobiles!  Join Mountain Musher for a picture perfect, fun dog sled ride. We have been doing this since 1989!