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Master the Mountain with Vail Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Vail’s powdery slopes and legendary back bowls beckon adventure seekers from around the globe. Whether you’re just starting your winter-sports journey or aiming to refine your skills and conquer the mountain, the village’s world-class ski schools can teach you how to carve terrain in no time. The best way to get started is scheduling a Vail ski lesson with a dedicated instructor.

Vail Ski Lessons for All Levels & Abilities

Ski and snowboard lessons are an invaluable resource to beginners, whether you’re 8 or 80 years old. Not only do they help you have more fun, sooner, but they also ensure a safe day on the mountain for everyone. Skiing is a fast-paced sport that requires some skills-building before getting started. So, prior to strapping on your skis, sign up for one of these courses:

three skiers slide down a well-groomed trail during a ski lesson in Vail

Group Ski & Snowboard Lessons at Vail Resort

Group ski lessons at Vail Resort are broken up by age. Individuals 16 and older learn in adult group classes, and kids ages 3–15 learn in child group classes. Depending on the level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), these ski lessons can walk you through the basics of pizza, French fry, turning and stopping, or unlock the secrets to mastering moguls and powder on expert-level terrain. Be sure to book your spot ahead of time — these sought-after sessions are among the most popular in the state, so they fill up fast!

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Private Ski & Snowboard Lessons at Vail Resort                                               ,

Vail Resort’s private ski lessons are an ideal choice for those looking for a highly tailored day of learning the ropes. With your own instructor at your disposal, you can be rest assured you will receive all the help you need learning the ropes of riding chairlifts and getting down Vail’s scenic descents via board or skis. Already know the basics but want to boost your skills? They will help you safely and confidently work toward more difficult blues and blacks. If you have the whole family or a crew of friends who want to participate, these small classes can include up to six people, with full-day and half-day options.
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Skiers in helmets talking in front of "Legendary Back Bowls" sign during a Vail ski lesson

Adaptive Ski Lessons at Vail Resort

In Vail, everyone has the chance to feel the wind in their hair and the heart-pumping adrenaline rush of whooshing down a wintery descent. Through the Adaptive Ski Program, people of all abilities can climb aboard a ski bike or adaptive skis and learn how to triumph on our sparkling landscapes. Specialized instructors will show you how to use the gear and traverse the hills. And through the Access Unbound Program people with disabilities or disabling conditions can even apply to receive a grant to cover the cost of the lesson.

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Vail Cross-Country Ski Lessons at Vail Nordic Center

More interested in exploring frosty, tree-lined trails rather than downhills? Vail cross-country skiing is a must-try activity. Here, the access to breathtaking vistas and snowcapped summit views is unmatched. And touring those areas is easier than ever when you strap on some Nordic skis. The best place to take a cross-country ski lesson is at the Vail Nordic Center, where expansive pathways and wide-open meadows present some of the finest outlooks of our region’s snow-blanketed valleys. Beginner group lessons take only 75 minutes, and with a bit of practice you’ll be able to glide through the glades in no time.

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Golden Peak Children’s Ski School

Learning to ski can be a daunting task for little ones. So, it’s never a bad idea to let a seasoned children’s ski instructor introduce the basics. While the Golden Peak Children’s Ski School welcomes kids ages 3–15, they provide separate groups for tiny tots and teens, so your child receives the right training for their age range. That way, when it’s time for the family to take on the slopes together, they’ll be prepared to navigate down the summit safely — with a big smile on their face.

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A child and a Vail ski instructor laugh together at Vail Ski Resort

Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

For those who want to take their ski athletics to the next level, there’s the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. This nonprofit organization is a cornerstone of the community, providing peak training grounds for leading winter-sports competitors throughout the United States. They even deliver advanced lessons for aspiring and elite winter athletes, including Olympic champions like ski-legend and alum, Mikaela Shiffrin.

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Vail Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Renting ski and snowboard gear is easy in Vail, with winter sports shops right in the resort and throughout the villages. Whether you’re new to the sport and unsure if you want to buy all the gear and equipment, or you’re traveling and don’t want to carry all that weight on the plane, we have everything you need to get out on the powder.

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