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There’s a place for every season, and it’s called Vail. Against a backdrop of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, discover all the outdoor fun, events, shopping and dining this magical mountain town has to offer. It’s no wonder Vail is like nothing on earth.

Explore Summer in Vail

Summers are an endless escape, a season brimming with morning sunrises that welcome sun-kissed days full of promise. Every new day is a new adventure. Well, that’s the way it feels during a perfect Vail summer.

Nestled in the Colorado Rockies and awash with the summer pleasures only a mountain town can bring, Vail, Colorado is much more than just a premier ski destination. It’s a premier destination all year long, with summer as one of the most fanciful times to bask in the serenity of this quaint European-style village.

The towering mountains and breathtaking surroundings bring on an instant sense of serenity, but serenity doesn’t mean you need to be standing still. Vail’s alpine landscape beckons you to explore at a level you’ve not reached before, in a way that works just right for you.

Exploring for some may mean mountain biking down a rugged path or creating family moments that turn into memories at Epic Discovery on the Forest Flyer Mountain Coaster. For others it may mean meandering along a pristine stream, strolling through Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, or gentle introspection while trail hiking throughout the area’s natural beauty. Take a scenic horseback ride at Vail Stables or Piney River Ranch. If you prefer to be on the sidelines, watch impressive Vail sports athletes at the GoPro Mountain Games.

Take a Gondola One or Eagle Bahn Gondola ride to the top of Vail Mountain for dining, exploration and views that elevate your summer to extraordinary heights. Or opt for a round of golf at Vail Golf Club. Go fly fishing on Gore Creek. Book a spa date and romantic dinner. Create your own definition of play. The summer activities are endless.

Absorbing the history and ambiance of the town is another way to get swept away into the dream state that is Vail. Art, festivals, music, and dance come alive in the summer, as does a series of concerts in the open-air amphitheater beneath the stars. The Vail Farmers Market, Vail Dance Festival and Bravo! Vail are just a fraction of the magnificent culture Vail has to offer. Why pick just one event when you can choose them all?

Saunter past the covered bridge, across from one of the historical shops in town. Dig deep into the background of a village built with big hearts and hopes, one that flourished into the unique place it remains today. You will never grow tired of exploring the villages of Vail at your fingertips: East Vail, West Vail, Vail Village, and Lionshead Village.

Fuel up on fresh culinary experiences, with gourmet chefs and regional delights at every turn. Dining options run the gamut from the high-end to the more summer seasonal casual, with something to suit every taste.

Spend summer evenings unwinding on a balcony with breathtaking mountain sunsets or engage in the varied nightlife scene. Vail’s lodging comes in options to align with your Rocky Mountain personality, with all ready to deliver a restful night’s sleep.

Bring back the wonderment of the season and spend your summer in Vail.

Discover Fall in Vail

Autumn is a magical time in the Colorado Rockies, as nature slows down to prep for its long winter’s nap. Take a cue from Mother Nature and slow down in the serene mountain town that is Vail. One of the most spectacular shows on earth can be found right here every autumn, as the fall foliage transforms from summer green into a palette of red, gold, auburn and bronze, a bastion of brilliant hues.

Breathtaking is the only way to describe it, and words alone can’t do it justice. Hiking Vail Mountain in fall is akin to sauntering through a kaleidoscope, one that leaves you with a mix of bedazzlement and tranquility.

Slow down even further with a hearty meal at one of the Vail Valley’s renowned eateries. Options range from high-end dining experiences to more casual fare, with menus that surprise and delight the palate while sating the heart and soul.

Breweries and wineries are prime destinations for Vail fall travelers, as is the annual Oktoberfest. Sip on a glass of Vail wine and take in the fresh fare at Vail Farmers Market. Explore the historic landmarks and shops. Absorb the love and passion that went into building this village, something you’ll feel from the very moment you arrive.

Come with a hunger for adventure, and Vail will sate that, too. Experience mountain biking down the mountainside, or along a leisurely path that follows the stream. Go horseback riding with Piney River Ranch, golfing at Vail Golf Club, or off-road exploring near Camp Hale. Take a scenic hike on Berrypicker Trail, Pitkin Creek, or the North Trail. Stroll through the nearby Betty Ford Alpine Garden. Sit on a bench and read under aspen trees.

Take a gondola ride to the top of Vail Mountain. You’ll also find dining options and views that bring new meaning to delicious and beautiful. Enjoy dining in the many villages of Vail including West Vail, East Vail, Lionshead Village, and Vail Village.

If rest and relaxation is your goal, this Rocky Mountain valley is the perfect place to be. The moment you’re embraced by the panorama of autumnal colors, the stress of daily life magically begins to vanish. Your step is lighter. Your heart is brighter. Your mind is clear and free.

Cooler days and crisper Colorado nights make it the ideal time to snuggle down into a deep peace, which is what you’ll find when you visit Vail in the fall.

Enjoy Winter in Vail

Snow floats softly to the ground, cloaking the mountainous landscape in a pristine white glow. Sunshine sparkles from every angle, creating a heavenly ambiance. You are on top of the world, gazing down at the valley below. You are light. You are airy. You are free. You are spending your winter in Vail, Colorado.

There are many ski resorts around the world, but there is only one Vail. While known for its impeccably groomed glades and wide-open acres of skiable terrain on Vail Mountain, it’s not the technical details of this world-class ski destination that drew you here. It’s the feeling you get. The serenity you feel. The magic that comes with being in your own dreamy snow globe.

Magical moments are born in Vail every minute, especially when you visit the village in winter. Take a gondola ride up Vail mountain, soaring above the majestic peaks. Find dining and adventure at the top, along with panoramic views that will live in your memories forever.

Colorado skiing is known throughout the world, and a taste of Vail Mountain will keep you coming back to this beautiful town. Skiing and snowboarding may be the fastest way to traverse the snowy terrain of Vail Mountain, but it’s certainly not the only way.

Winter hiking, fat-tire biking, and snowshoes take you on treks that match your mood and desired pace. Dog sleds and snowmobiles offer a faster swoosh through the Gore Range snow. Get cozy with your warm gloves and hats and take a snowshoe stroll in the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. Glide across the ice with ice skating in Vail Square or Solaris.

Later, put back on your skis and enjoy a different type of skiing. Cross country skiing at the Vail Nordic Center offers less hurried treks, providing ample time to absorb the natural beauty.

The holidays were made for Vail, with its old-world charm and rich history guaranteeing a sense of nostalgia and delight. Stroll through the center of town, where you’ll find beckoning shops decked out in their holiday cheer. Explore the culinary scene, replete with delectable dining options that range from elevated dining experiences to casual family fare. Experience everything Vail, CO has to offer with Vail Village, Lionshead Village, East Vail, and West Vail.

The nightlife and après-ski scene are equally as varied. Whether you’re in the mood for a soothing place to unwind or a vibrant evening perk-me-up, just the right atmosphere awaits. So does lodging that perfects your getaway, with luxurious hotels, family-ready condos, and cozy, alpine inns at your service.

Don’t just send out holiday cards this season – live in one!