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Take the Vail Sustainability Quiz, fill out the form and claim your PRIZE!

Vail is one of the most beautiful places on earth. When you visit, you’ll not only create lifelong memories, but now you can also become a part of our sustainability efforts. It’s easy to learn about the 7 ways that you can help us protect our environment. We invite you to do your part for a place we all love.

Question 1 of 6

Which would you rather drink?

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Pure Gore Range snowmelt percolated through a limestone aquifer and delivered for free to your tap in Vail
Water from a single use plastic bottle that was shipped here on a truck
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Vail’s water is the cleanest around, and it tastes great too!

Did you know that Vail’s Gore Creek and the Upper Eagle River are part of the headwaters of the Colorado River watershed? Humans purchase a million plastic water bottles per minute around the globe, and 91 percent of all plastic is not recycled. Do us all a favor and pack along a reusable water bottle. Plus, you’ll find ways to fill it up — for free!

Three teens playfully running into gore creek with the international bridge in the background and sun peeking up over it.

Gore Creek, Colorado: Restoration, Ecology & Excursions

Gore Creek is the rushing Rocky Mountain stream that runs through the heart of Vail. Whether you’re casting a line, picnicking on the banks or rafting across its whitewater features, Gore Creek is sure to make an appearance during your...

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How many people depend on water from the Colorado River?

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40 million
10 million
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Yes, 40 million people!

Plus, 7 states and 2 in the Republic of Mexico. And 80% of water in the Colorado River originates right here on the western slope of Colorado.

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What is the “Colorado Grand Slam?”

Select an answer:
Catching all four species of trout that live in Gore Creek in one day
Climbing the four tallest peaks in Colorado in the same day
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Did you know there are four species of trout? Catch a rainbow, brown, brook and  greenback trout in one day for the Colorado Grand Slam.

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How should you travel to your favorite trails in Vail this summer?

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Bus it to Hike it an take the free Vail Express Hiking Shuttle to the trailhead.
Drive separately from those your hiking with and park multiple cars at the trailhead, wherever there is a pull off.
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Help us protect the trails we all love and consider taking the free bus to the trailhead of your hiking or biking adventure. Parking spaces are limited at many Vail trailheads, and the bus system from Vail, Lionshead, East Vail and West Vail stops at or near the surrounding trailheads.

Take the Town of Vail Express Hiking Bus that leaves from the Vail Transportation Center on the 15 and 45 every hour for a 10 minute ride to popular trailheads.

Just park (free in the summer) in the Vail Village or Lionshead parking structure.  If you park in Lionshead, take a free in-town bus to the Covered Bridge stop in Vail Village. Take the hiker express bus leaving on the 15 and 45 every hour from the Vail Transportation Center to get to East Vail trailheads.

For seasonal bus routes and times, visit or pick up a schedule at Vail Village Parking & Transportation Center.

There is no parking at the Booth Lake Trailhead or anywhere in the surrounding neighborhood, violators will be ticketed and/or towed. Pick-up and drop-off from passenger vehicles will be allowed at the trailhead starting June 1. All shuttles must drop-off at the bottom of Booth Falls Rd., where designated, adjacent to the Booth Falls bus stop.
Visitors to the Gore/Deluge trailhead will see designated parking spaces and delineated no parking areas to address conflicts between vehicles and bicyclists on Vail Pass.

Two hikers exit a free Vail bus with hiking poles and backpacks. They smile as they walk to a Vail, Colorado trail. In the middle top of the photo is a digital sign that says

Park for Free, Then Take a Bus to Vail Trails

Help us protect the Vail trails we all love and consider taking the free bus to the trailhead of your next hiking or biking adventure. Parking spaces are limited at many Vail trailheads, and the bus system from Vail, Lionshead, East Vail...

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When I’m done with my campfire, I should:

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Water it until it is completely out with no hot embers.
Let it burn out on its own.
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Always fully extinguish camp fires.

A Smithsonian study found that 84 percent of all wildfires are caused by humans. Take care to douse anything, even a cigarette butt, that can cause a major forest blaze. And especially in dry seasons, check and abide by local regulations for fire bans.

A group of people standing around a campfire under the stars.

Principle 5: Minimize Campfire Impacts

If you have come to the Vail area and plan on camping, there are some critical things you should know to ensure your safety and the safety of the surrounding wilderness.

First, think about the necessity of a campfire versus a stov...

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Question 6 of 6

When my furry friend takes a potty break in town or on the trail, I should:

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Pick up their poop and carry it out, all the way to the trash can.
Let them off leash and poop in the wild. It will decompose, right?
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Always pick up your pet waste.

Otherwise, it washes into our streams, harming wildlife and polluting our water

A man with a backpack and a dog on a trail.

Principle 3: Dispose of Waste Properly

Proper disposal of waste, regardless of where you are and what it is, is important to avoid pollution of water sources, negative implications of someone else finding it, and the possibility of spreading disease.  “Pack it in, Pack it ...

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