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Take the Vail Sustainability Quiz and enter to WIN!

Vail is one of the most beautiful places on earth. When you visit, you’ll not only create lifelong memories, but now you can also become a part of our sustainability efforts. It’s easy to learn about the 7 ways that you can help us protect our environment and enter to win a trip to Vail. We invite you to do your part for a place we all love.


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When packing for a visit to Vail, it’s best to:

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Bring a reusable water bottle
Buy big cases of disposable water bottles
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Vail’s water is the cleanest around, and it tastes great too!

Did you know that Vail’s Gore Creek and the Upper Eagle River are part of the headwaters of the Colorado River watershed? Humans purchase a million plastic water bottles per minute around the globe, and 91 percent of all plastic is not recycled. Do us all a favor and pack along a reusable water bottle. Plus, you’ll find ways to fill it up — for free!

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Restore the Gore

A little wild goes a long way.

Gore Creek—the clear, rocky mountain stream that runs through the heart of Vail—offers a peaceful respite for residents and visitors, important wildlife habitat, and water supply for downstream c...

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When it’s almost time to leave in morning to hit the slopes it’s best to

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Turn the car on when you’re ready to drive away and layer up so you’re not cold while you wait for the car to warm up.
Turn the car on 10 minutes before to warm it up so it’s nice and toasty when you get in.
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Did you know modern car engines have actually been redesigned to get rid of the previous warm up time we’ve all become accustomed to, and now you can actually cause more harm to your car by idling. Reducing idle time also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases from tailpipes – including but not limited to CO2, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide – that are all linked to climate change and some pretty serious health conditions. Learn more from our local experts at Walking Mountains.


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When going on a hike, it’s better to:

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Stay on the marked trail and snap a photo from the trail.
Take shortcuts pick flowers and look for antlers.
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Keep to the Trail

Straying from a trail not only causes erosion, creates new trails and disrupts wildlife, but also can be extremely dangerous if you get lost. Stick to the trails! Any of our 750 different species of wildflowers will live forever in a photo. Take only photos and leave only footprints. Leave nature in its place.

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Principle 2: Travel on Durable Surfaces/Maintained Trails

Using the trails around Vail offers some of the most spectacular views and mountain experiences you will ever encounter and we encourage you to get out there and make the most of this vacation adventure.  While out in Mother Nature, rem...

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When I’m done with my campfire, I should:

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Water it until it is completely out with no hot embers.
Let it burn out on its own.
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Always fully extinguish camp fires.

A Smithsonian study found that 84 percent of all wildfires are caused by humans. Take care to douse anything, even a cigarette butt, that can cause a major forest blaze. And especially in dry seasons, check and abide by local regulations for fire bans.

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Principle 5: Minimize Campfire Impacts

If you have come to the Vail area and plan on camping, there are some critical things you should know to ensure your safety and the safety of the surrounding wilderness.

First, think about the necessity of a campfire versus a stov...

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When I see a deer, moose, or any wild creature I should:

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Stay where I am and do not approach further.
Get closer to get a better photo.
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Keep wildlife wild.

We know you want that perfect photo to brag to your friends, but respect wildlife and they will respect you.

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Principle 6: Respect Wildlife

Vail is home to incredible wildlife and if you’re lucky, you will see several examples during your vacation.  We know how exciting this can be, especially for young children!  But, we ask that you view and learn about our wildlife th...

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When I’m walking through town or on the trail and I don’t want to carry something anymore I should:

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Find a trash can or recycling can OR put it in my pocket to throw away later.
Throw it on the ground and keep exploring.
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Pack it in, pack it out.

Find trash on the ground? Pick it up to leave a place better than you found it.


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When my furry friend takes a potty break in town or on the trail, I should:

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Pick up their poop and carry it out, all the way to the trash can.
Let them off leash and poop in the wild. It will decompose, right?
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Always pick up your pet waste.

Otherwise, it washes into our streams, harming wildlife and polluting our water

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Principle 3: Dispose of Waste Properly

Proper disposal of waste, regardless of where you are and what it is, is important to avoid pollution of water sources, negative implications of someone else finding it, and the possibility of spreading disease.  “Pack it in, Pack it ...

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When hiking or biking the trails of Vail I should

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Move aside for uphill traffic and listen to nature, or wear headphones if listening to tunes.
Blare music from my portable speaker and make it difficult for other to pass me on the trail.
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Uphill travelers have the right of way. Be aware of  your surroundings.

In many places, there’s an expectation that hikers will yield to equestrians, and that bicyclists will yield to both hikers and equestrians on trails. And uphill travelers have the right of way. Let them keep their speed and step aside for them to pass.

We understand you may want to listen to music but be sure to have the volume down enough so you can hear others near you and let others enjoy nature. Don’t blare your music.

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Principle 7: Be Considerate of Other People

Vail is visited by guests from all over the world, and everyone is looking for the best experience as they venture out into the wilderness to enjoy the incredible offerings.  One of the most important components of outdoor ethics is to ...

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