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Top 5 Romantic Things to Do in Vail

We know what you’re thinking. Since Vail is hailed as one of the top ski and snowboard resorts in the world, and we’re talking about romantic things, you think we’re going to tell you to book a couple’s ski trip to spend Valentine’s Day on Vail Mountain.

Well, we’re not. Not because Vail isn’t the perfect winter wonderland. Not because skiing and snowboarding aren’t romantic. But because that idea is so, shall we say, predictable. Everyone and their brother (or lover) have certainly already thought of a romantic getaway that involves a Valentine’s Day ski trip.

You’re here to be wowed by a slate of different ideas for the most amazing romantic vacation. And Vail, Colorado, is the perfect place to be wowed and wooed. Check out these top five romantic things to do in Vail to see what we mean.

1. Admire the Scenery (and Each Other!) with a Lakeside Picnic

Couple picnicking in Vail with wine and fruit. We can't see their faces, but one is pouring a glass of white wine for the other. They sit on a blanket outside.

No romantic getaway is complete without a lakeside picnic. The idea of lounging by a serene lake in the afternoon sun in the company of your darling just can’t be beat. Although the idea of coordinating and prepping for the whole thing could make you change your mind.

Don’t let it. And don’t do any of the coordinating or prepping, either. Let Picnic Vail handle it. These folks will curate a romantic picnic at the location of your choice. For a lakeside retreat, go for the perfect spot at the end of the Lost Lake Trail.

Heck, even the name sounds romantic, bringing to mind the two of you getting blissfully lost in the wilderness – with a picnic waiting for you at the lake. Nice.

The hike to the lake will also get your blood flowing with excitement before you even get there, giving you a rosy romantic glow. It’s a beautiful hike through relatively flat terrain that delivers all those enchanting things you’re supposed to experience on romantic hikes.

Gorgeous greenery. Scenic views. Rocky Mountain air. A stolen kiss in an aspen grove. Once you get to the lake, you’re going to absolutely swoon (and not because you just hiked several miles). You’ll be head-over-heels for the stunning scene: a placid lake with a glass-like surface, reflecting the surrounding Rocky Mountains. (Insert blissful sigh here.)

2. Have a Relaxing Couple’s Massage

A couple getting stone massages in Vail spa lie side by side. Stones are lined up down their backs. A towel covers them from the waist down. A red flower is between them and their eyes are closed.

While a lakeside picnic and other romantic things may require nicer weather, a relaxing couple’s massage can be done rain, snow, hurricane or shine. And don’t worry, the Colorado Rockies aren’t known for their hurricanes.

Booking a massage as a twosome is one of the best things to do for many reasons. If you’ve ever come home from a massage, floating on air, only to encounter a grumpy loved one, you’ll know what we mean.

When you’re both getting a massage, you’re both on the same soothing wavelength, receiving all the benefits a massage can bring. Immediate stress relief and relaxation. Reduction of pain and soreness from the previous day’s hike down Lost Lake Trail. A boost in your circulation, energy and alertness. All this, done as a couple.

You’ll find a host of spas in and around Vail Valley that offer couple’s massages. You can even stay in one of the resorts to add even more intimate relaxation to your romantic vacation.

Vail’s luxury resort accommodations come equipped with fitness centers, hot tubs and even indoor and outdoor pools. That means you can exercise as a couple, unwind in the hot tub as a couple, and swim back and forth across a pool as a couple. Talk about romantic things!

3. Get Adventurous with Vail Horseback Riding

A person on one horse leads another horse through a mountain valley in Vail filled with bright green evergreen trees and yellowing grass. A grey mountain ridge rises behind them, all under a bright blue sky.

The same way San Francisco is known for its cable cars, Vail is known for its horseback riding. And we’d say trotting along the Colorado River surrounded by the freshest air and scenic views is a bit more romantic than hopping on a jangling cable car.

Taking a leisurely ride on a mountain trail or along the Colorado River is one of the best things a couple can do together. You’re connecting with nature. Bonding with a magnificent animal. And slowing down the pace enough to truly savor each moment, moments shared with the love of your life.

Vail Valley is home to several ranches that offer horseback riding. You and your honey can book a ride that lasts from a couple of hours to an entire day. Just you and your love, out in the mountains, riding high on love. Sounds good, right? You can even book a private ride, so you don’t have to trot along with whooping and hollering children (or adults).

4. Buy Your Significant Other a Unique Gift to Show Your Appreciation

A couple walk through Vail Village. One carries several shopping bags and they gaze off into the distance.

The only thing more romantic than trotting into the Vail sunset with the love of your life is shopping for that special someone. Be honest. There’s something about shopping that makes those feel-good endorphins start flowing. With the amazing array of stores in Vail, your heart is apt to go aflutter from the moment you walk in the door.

Finding something special for your significant other is easy. So easy, you may end up with a whole cache of their favorite things to show your appreciation. Gift shops with one-of-a-kind finds are everywhere, from the center of Vail Village to the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. Some of the top gifts for your nearest and dearest include:

  • Jewelry: Whether you’re going for sterling, gunmetal or gold, you’ll find a treasure trove of special pieces that say, “I love you this much.”
  • Art: From nature-inspired figurines to high-end wall hangings, Vail is a veritable gallery of unique art you won’t find anywhere else. Perfect for the unique person you’ll find smiling ear-to-ear when they see what you bought them.
  • Sweets: Sweets for your sweetie! And we’re not talking your traditional box of chocolates here. Vail serves up goodies that range from homemade dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel to fudge and truffles. Yum!
  • Clothing: Say I love you with a cozy scarf or sweater. Cashmere for both, of course. You’ll find all kinds of delightful clothing options that could make the perfect gift. Just don’t get a T-shirt that reads “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing to your darling.
  • Aromatic goodness: Scented candles and essential oil diffusers are gifts that keep on giving. They set the mood wherever they go. Get a diffuser and romantic essential oil as a gift for the both of you, then set it up in your hotel room for ongoing bliss.

5. Enjoy the Delicious Cuisine at an Intimate Restaurant

A couple enjoying wine in a dimly lit Vail restaurant. They sit in a booth and a wine rack behind them is stacked with bottles.

Dining at world-class restaurants is one of the best things to do in Vail, period. And it gets even better when you aim for a romantic ambiance over dinner, dessert or drinks.

If we started naming all the restaurants in Vail that double as the perfect place for a romantic getaway, we’d have to start naming them all. So, we’re just going to name a few. Really. One or two. OK, maybe three or four.

Perfect Place for a Romantic Dinner

You can’t get more romantic than Beef Bourguignon. Just saying its name makes you want to kiss someone. And that’s just one of the delectable dining options at Vintage. This brasserie-styled eatery features classic fare that runs the gamut from Poisson en Papillote to Aubergine Roulade – with or without Mussels Frites.

Their delicious food is even more delicious when you pair it with champagne, hand-crafted cocktails or wine. But there’s plenty of time for that after dinner. Perhaps you want to extend your evening by hanging out in the establishment’s cozy wine lounge. 

Perfect Place for Romantic Drinks

How about a sophisticated French bistro with a lineup of equally sophisticated French wine? We thought so! La Tour is tops across the board for its romantic ambiance, and they have a particularly delightful drink menu.

Select from red, white, rosé and orange, or sparkling wine. Opt for champagne or one of their signature cocktails. With names like Velvet Underground and Pomme Royale, you know you’ll be digging whatever you’re sipping.

Perfect Place for a Romantic Dessert

Sharing a dessert is about as intimate as it can get. Especially when the dessert is something as scrumptious as S’more Baked Alaska at the Slope Room. Or perhaps you’d prefer the tasty meringue called It Takes Two to Mango at Sweet Basil.

In all honesty, you could go to the nearest ice cream shop for a romantic dessert in Vail. The scenic views and dreamy vibes are apt to leave your heart bursting with love, whether you’re in a cozy bistro or a Vail Village candy shop.

Your Romantic Vacation in Vail

We have to admit, narrowing down our romantic getaway ideas to only five was tough. That said, we’re going to sneak in a few extra ideas for your romantic vacation. Like riding the Eagle Bahn Gondola while holding hands. Or riding the Adventure Ridge mountain roller coaster while holding hands. Take a sleigh ride or go ice skating while holding hands. And, if you’re really in the mood for romance during the winter months, you can always book that couple’s ski trip to spend Valentine’s Day in Vail.