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Vail Symposium: The Enduring Disorder

The Enduring Disorder: Ukraine, Libya and the Struggle for Global Leadership Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel According to Jason Pack, senior analyst at the NATO Foundation and author of “Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder,” the world seems to have gone directly from a hegemonic US-led international system to an interregnum in global order. The traditional phase of multipolarity—or … Continued

Vail Symposium: The State of the Valley

The State of the Valley Location | Colorado Mountain College The Vail Symposium presents our annual State of the Valley in conjunction with the Vail Valley Partnership. The State of the Valley will be a facilitated panel discussion among local business leaders sharing what’s happening in our economy and their vision for the future of … Continued

Vail Symposium: Overworked and Under Threat

Overworked and Under Threat: Preserving the Colorado River Location | TBD Join Vail Symposium and Eagle River Watershed Council as our moderator, journalist Luke Runyon, guides us through a conversation with Colorado River and water management experts Pat Mulroy, and Fay Hartman to learn about key challenges that have led us to critical levels and … Continued

Vail Symposium: Giant Steps

Giant Steps: Stories from Space and the Future of Cosmic Exploration Location | TBD Join Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of astronaut Alan Shepard, and Major General (Retired) Roy D. Bridges, Jr., who piloted the Space Shuttle Challenger on the 8-day Space Lab 2 mission, for a discussion her recent experience on Blue Origin, the future … Continued

Vail Symposium: Inflation in America

Inflation in America: Present and Future Impacts Location | Zoom Recently, inflation has been a hot topic in the headlines. After a lengthy “free money” environment and accommodative monetary policy, the FED is now markedly increasing interest rates and reducing market liquidity in response to near-record levels of inflation and other data. What has caused … Continued

Vail Symposium: Two Workshops! Up Your Game and Unleash Your Creativity

Two Workshops! Up Your Game and Unleash Your Creativity Consciousness Location | TBD Choose your own adventure in this workshop opportunity from Bruce Cryer. Part 1 – from 10 a.m. – noon: “Up Your Game: The Practical Science and Tools of HeartMath for Well-Being, Resilience and Vitality” Thanks to more than 400 peer review studies … Continued

Vail Symposium: Pull the Plug on Stress

Pull the Plug on Stress: Tools to Adapt and Thrive During Uncertain Times Location | TBD How do we adapt and even thrive during unpredictable, crazy times like the past 2.5 years of the pandemic? While the severity of this event seems to have diminished significantly, a host of other existential threats wait in the … Continued

Vail Symposium: The March to Midterms

The March to Midterms: A Bipartisan Discussion on the State of American Politics at Home and Abroad Location | TBD As midterm elections approach, Chris Whipple, author of The New York Times bestseller “The Gatekeepers,” moderates a bipartisan discussion on White House governance and the state of American politics with Andrew Card, George W. Bush’s … Continued

Vail Symposium: Conversations on Controversial Issues

Conversations on Controversial Issues: Moderated by Clay Jenkinson  U.S. Immigration Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel In a new series from Vail Symposium, humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson and guest presenters Violeta Chapin, University of Colorado Law School; Jorge Loweree from the American Immigration Council and Alex Nowrasteh from the Cato Institute join together for a thoughtful, … Continued

Vail Symposium: Disruptive Energy Futures

Disruptive Energy Futures: The Economy and Resilient Energy Supplies Location | Donovan Pavilion Most of the energy we use is wasted. Smarter technologies and designs that use energy more efficiently could provide the same or better services with far less energy, money and risk. Moreover, the fossil fuels that provide most of our energy now … Continued

Vail Symposium: 50th Anniversary of “Valley Curtain” and the Artists’ Legacy

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of “Valley Curtain” and the Artists’ Legacy Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel Although it only lasted a mere 28 hours in the winds of the Grand Hogback Mountain Range in 1972, Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s masterwork Valley Curtain sent ripples through the art world and continues to influence … Continued

Vail Symposium: “The Last Kings of Shanghai”

“The Last Kings of Shanghai” with author Jonathan Kaufman Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel Join Jonathan Kaufman, author of “The Last Kings of Shanghai,” for the remarkable story of two Jewish families, both originally from Baghdad, who stood astride Chinese business and politics for more than 175 years, profiting from the Opium Wars; surviving Japanese … Continued