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Vail Symposium | The Federal Deficit

Why Does It Matter & What Can Be Done? The news has been filled with inflation, debt ceiling, debt crisis, fiscal issues and more on financial matters. This program will allow experts to discuss some of the issues related to our current and future debt. October 1 is the beginning of the 2024 federal fiscal … Continued

Vail Symposium | A Harmony of Science and Spirituality

Many years ago, Archedon’s out-of-body experience produced a direct encounter in the higher dimensional realm. Today, after tabulating the precise descriptions of visitors to that realm from across the globe, he has articulated the nature of reality — the Continuum of Existence — and demonstrated scientific validation utilizing Commercial Machine Learning Algorithms and AI-driven narrative … Continued

Vail Symposium | Melting Ice Shelves

Melting Ice Shelves Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel Hear the latest updates with new discoveries from prominent Greenland and Antarctic scientists. The Vail Symposium is a grassroots, non-profit organization which provides educational programs for the Vail Valley community.  These are intended to be thought-provoking, diverse and affordable events for all. MORE INFO    

Vail Symposium | The Bill of Obligations

The Bill of Obligations: 10 Habits of Good Citizens Location | Zoom Webinar “The Bill of Obligations” is a bold call for change. In these pages, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Richard Haass argues that the very idea of citizenship must be revised and expanded. “The Bill of Rights” is at the center of … Continued

Vail Symposium | The Sargent Shriver Effect

The Sargent Shriver Effect: Spirit, Politics and Peace-building Location | Zoom Webinar In “The Call: The Spiritual Realism of Sargent Shriver,” author Jamie Price demonstrates that Sargent Shriver’s approach to serving people, designing public policy and transforming conflict situations makes it possible to imagine a constructive way forward – a path that makes it possible … Continued

Vail Symposium: YIMBY Jamboree

YIMBY Jamboree Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel This panel discussion brings together local housing experts as well as experts from other resort areas to discuss how they have begun to solve the housing crisis. They will discuss the critical role elected officials play in resolving the housing crisis as well as programs and solutions that … Continued

Vail Symposium: The Latest from Ukraine

The Latest from Ukraine Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel As the harsh Ukrainian winter ends, Ambassador William Taylor will speak to the most recent developments on the ground and discuss what to look for moving into the spring. Ambassador William B. Taylor is vice president of Russia and Europe at the U.S. Institute of Peace. … Continued

Vail Symposium: Science + Creativity = Innovation

Lisa Randall: Science + Creativity = Innovation Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel Known for her innovative theoretical physics advances and her best-selling books on scientific ideas and ways of thinking, Harvard professor Lisa Randall is adept at explaining cutting-edge advances in physics as well as connecting her research to broader domains. In this program she … Continued

Vail Symposium: Reading the Invisible Library

Reading the Invisible Library: Virtual Unwrapping and the Scroll from En-Gedi Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel Brent Seales explains the development of non-invasive methods, showing results from restoration projects on Homeric manuscripts, Herculaneum material, and Dead Sea scrolls. The presentation culminates in a new approach that may indeed be the pathway for rescuing still-readable text. … Continued

Vail Symposium: Envisioning the World of 2023

Envisioning the World of 2023 Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel As daunting as present-day challenges are, we need to think also about what’s next. That’s what Erik Peterson does in this no-holds-barred presentation. He offers a fast-paced look at where the current trends—geopolitical, economic, technology, social and demographic–are taking us out to the end of … Continued

Vail Symposium: Higher Education and the Culture Wars

Conversations on Controversial Issues moderated by Clay Jenkinson: Higher Education and the Culture Wars Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel A rising tide of intolerance characterizes higher education. The crisis in higher education comes chiefly from the left, though the curriculum at our colleges and universities is being assailed both by the right and the left … Continued

Vail Symposium: COOL

COOL: Women and Girls Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future Location | Vail Interfaith Chapel Author/photographer Paola Gianturco will share slides and stories from “COOL: Women leaders Reversing Global Warming,” the first book to document the work of women and girl climate leaders worldwide, all courageous, creative and effective. The Vail Symposium is a … Continued