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Vail Symposium Invisible Primary event

Vail Symposium | The Invisible Primary for President

Event Details

With presidential primaries and caucuses just a few weeks off, Dr. Elaine Kamarck of the Brookings Institution, who focuses on the presidential nomination system and American politics, looks at the tea leaves and reveals some surprising history behind the electoral process, as well as the social media, press and fundraising measures that are tracked in the “invisible” primaries before the actual primaries themselves.

Soon, voters will select official candidates for the Presidency in primaries.  The “invisible primary” is the period beginning approximately the winter before the election year, when candidates start seeking support, and ends when the official primary ballots are cast. Dr. Elaine Kamarck tracks the measurable data in this invisible primary period, following how candidates are doing and what factors influence the run up to eventual nomination.  Dr. Kamarck will take us to Brookings live tracker.  In addition to tracking the lead up within primaries, she also tracks the candidates across political parties.  Which candidate has the most followers on social media, and does it matter? Which candidate gets the most press, and does it matter if the press coverage is positive or negative?  How important is campaign fundraising?  She will take us through these complex factors and more as she tells the story of how America elects its Presidents.