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A couple wearing brightly colored winter jackets ride across a wooden bridge on fat bikes in the snow near Vail, Colorado. Behind them are forested mountains covered in snow.





Dec. - April

Fat Biking Trails in Vail

Cruise effortlessly over snow-covered trails on a fat-bike adventure in Vail. These sturdy bikes unlock a whole new world of winter exploration in the Rocky Mountains, taking you to all the scenic, snow-packed places regular bikes can’t go.


Fat-tire bicycles are used for riding over soft and unstable surfaces, like snow (or gravel in summer months). Designed with oversized tires and wider rims, they easily grip the ground so you can bundle up, climb aboard and float over icy terrain.

Check out the Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance site for seasonal conditions and trail closures.


Start your journey at the Vail Nordic Center, where meticulously groomed trails pave the perfect path for your fat bike. Explore more than 13 kilometers of groomed routes, including 2.5 kilometers dedicated solely to fat biking. Glide along and breathe in the crisp winter air, with the soft crunch of snow under your tires. Need to borrow some wheels? The on-site rental service has you covered with both bikes and lessons — and the staff are the best people to ask for trail recs.


On Vail trails, remember your fat-biking etiquette. Yield to hikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers — even when you’re on the uphill. When off your bike, walk to the side of the path. Avoid riding on soft, wet and muddy trails to prevent damage; you should never leave a rut or holes behind you. And always remember Leave No Trace Principles as you explore our region’s natural spaces.

Fat-tire bikes are allowed on all trails that allow bicycles (mountain bikes included) and are open in the winter. Check with the Nordic Center or any local bike shop for tips on other locations throughout Vail.