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Vail Symposium: Disruptive Energy Futures

Event Details

Disruptive Energy Futures: The Economy and Resilient Energy Supplies

Location | Donovan Pavilion

Most of the energy we use is wasted. Smarter technologies and designs that use energy more efficiently could provide the same or better services with far less energy, money and risk. Moreover, the fossil fuels that provide most of our energy now generally cost more than the modern renewable supplies that have already taken 95% of the world’s market for net new power-generating capacity. These profound shifts in both demand and supply set the stage forrapid change in almost everything we thought we knew about energy. Join Amory Lovins, co-founder of Rocky Mountain Institute, to learn how ambitious global
climate protection can be not costly, but profitable.

The Vail Symposium is a grassroots, non-profit organization which provides educational programs for the Vail Valley community.  These are intended to be thought-provoking, diverse and affordable events for all.