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Discover Vail Art Galleries & Art in Public Places

Discover Vail’s artistic soul via galleries and globally recognized public art peppered around town. Enthusiasts and wide-eyed wanderers can admire all the artsy angles of blissful Vail and Lionshead villages through displays and programs.

Vail’s Art in Public Places Program

Strolling around any corner of Vail’s villages will land you among one of the more than 60 art pieces included in the Art in Public Places (AIPP) program. From a bronze Albert Einstein relaxing on a bench to giant colorfully painted walls, the collection of quality art includes sculptures, paintings, murals and more. You can also immerse yourself in all the artistry during Vail’s Wednesday Summer Art Walks July through August. Learn about Vail history through its site-specific art, including works ranging from birdhouse sculptures to a pirate-themed playground. Want a glimpse before you go? Check out the Art in Vail interactive map.

Get up to date on Vail’s new artist-in-residence summer program.

Vail Murals

Since 2019, the Vail Art in Public Places program invites Colorado artists to create brightly colored murals, including creatives like Olive Moya and the collective duo Pedro Barrios and Jaime Molina. Moya presents her signature vibrant, geometrical palette in the large interior mural at the Vail Village Transportation Center. In Lionshead Village, you’ll find abstract faces of Barrios and Molina’s mural that represent healing within humankind. Find all the murals around Vail.

Vail Art Galleries

With numerous art galleries in Vail, there is ample opportunity to appreciate unique art ranging from handcrafted jewelry to custom maps and inspiring nature photography. Whether you have a full day or just an afternoon, stop by one (or all!) of them to support talented artists and show some love for Vail’s arts scene. Scroll down for a full Vail art gallery list.

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