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Vail Off-Road Adventures: Colorado Jeep & ATV Tours

Zoom along endless acres of off-road trails near Vail for crag-covered mountain vistas. Whether you’re led by a trusted tour guide or your own instincts, this is a must-try adventure for anyone seeking thrills on their trip to Colorado.

Pro tip: Motorized vehicles aren’t allowed on just any trail. Always check for a destination’s designated trails before you go.

Explore Miles of Colorado Off-Road Trails with Colorado Jeep & ATV Tours

Colorado ATV and Jeep tours allow you to delve into the backroads of the Rocky Mountains like you’ve never seen them before. Here, miles and miles of pristine summit views stretch in front of you as you cruise through gold-dusted aspen groves, brilliant purple wildflower fields and cascading creeks. Jeeps and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) have the power and flexibility to traverse rocky dirt paths, burbling streams and other rough terrain with ease. The best places to ride? Alpine landscapes, where you can explore all types of topography within a single session. Colorado Jeep tours are led (and driven) by expert guides, who take you through the most thrilling sections of the alpine backcountry. ATV outfitters typically allow you to rent and drive the vehicles yourself, but many have options to bring a guide along to lead your group’s side-by-side caravan through the treelined trails.

A line if ATVs on a trail with a mountain backdrop in Vail

SAGE Outdoor Adventures

With SAGE Outdoor Adventures, you can slowly meander and take in the views or whizz around with the wind in your hair. While you’re buzzing across 14,000 acres of public land and 6,000 acres of private land, uncover the mystery of the recently extinct volcano, Dotsero. Come across local wildlife like deer, elk or even majestic moose in the Castle Peak Wilderness Study Area, all accessible when you book a tour or rent a side-by-side. These exclusive trails were designed specifically for ATVs, so you know they come with well-established paths and plenty of can’t-miss scenic stops.

Offers: Guided ATV tours, unguided ATV rentals

NOVA Guides

Contact NOVA Guides for unforgettable Jeep tours and ATV rentals that take you through rugged routes and historical spaces. Set off to Camp Hale, where the 10th Mountain Army Division trained and tested weapons throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Soak up the jagged snowcapped views of four towering mountain ranges and the vast Continental Divide. Knowledgeable tour guides take you to elevations up to 12,000 feet in open-air Jeeps, sharing facts about the region and answering any burning questions. With more than 15 unique trails to traverse, the access to remote areas surrounded by chromatic summit scenes is incredible.

Offers: ATV rentals, side-by-side rentals, ATV and side-by-side combo rentals, Vail ATV tours, Vail side-by-side tours, Vail Jeep tours

Above & Beyond 4×4 Guides

Choose your own adventure with Above & Beyond 4×4 Guides. This outfitter offers ATV, Razor, and Jeep tours as well as ATV and Razor rentals. Zip around the rainbow of landscapes in 4 Eagle Ranch (just west of Vail) and trek over small rivers, along panoramic cliffsides and expanses of wide-open plains where you can pick up a little more speed. Or pour a glass and let your tour guide handle the driving with Above & Beyond’s one-of-a-kind wine tours, which come with a wine tasting and discounted bottles from Vines at Vail Winery.

Offers: ATV/Razor tours, Jeep tours, wine tours

Shadow over a mountain in Vail with rolling hills in foreground

Colorado Off-Road Trail Safety Tips

While you’re out on the trails, safety should be a top priority. Never ride without a helmet, eye protection, riding gloves and other skin-protecting garments like long pants and sleeves. Do not let riders under the age of 16 take the wheel — and those younger riders should have a parent or guardian present. Ensure everyone drives at a safe and responsible speed and obeys local laws. Always stick to designated passages to avoid damaging land and ecosystems. Pack out any trash or waste. Alcohol and driving never mix — save the beers until after you finish your session. Your local ATV guides will provide additional rules and recommendations before you set off — follow their directions and advice for the best-possible experience.

More Thrills in Vail

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