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The Hythe

What makes Vail, Colorado so special?

Nestled in the Colorado Rockies lies a serene European village...

… where the confines of reality are but a suggestion. Life feels lighter here. You breathe the mountain air more deeply. The weight of the world has just been lifted and your stress melts away against a backdrop of fragrant pines, snow-capped peaks, and unencumbered wilderness. Chasing what makes you happy is your mantra. This is Vail.

Every season in Vail brings its unique brand of delights. Vibrant exploration during the elongated days of summer. Laid-back hikes through the brilliant autumnal hues. The marvelous moments of winter, where every inch of the landscape is adrift with pleasure.

While Vail is best known for its status as a world-class skiing destination, this charming town is so much more. Hidden gems beckon around every corner. Signature events dot the calendar all year long. One-of-a-kind playgrounds and parks welcome kids of all ages, inviting each one of us to come and play.

Exploring the natural beauty of the mountainous terrain is a full-time pastime within itself, ready to deliver exactly what you need. For some, it’s a thrilling adventure mountain biking or skiing down the mountain. For others, it’s a peaceful hiking trail or stroll in Betty Ford Alpine Garden that allows them to dive deeply and serenely into the soul. Sit and relax as your ride up the mountain in the Eagle Bahn Gondola or Gondola One.

Everyone needs to eat, and the Vail culinary scene serves up delicacies to suit any mood of the day. Lovable bistros. High-end dining. Casual family fare created with a few extra tablespoons of love. The nightlife is just as varied, delivering experiences that range from the soft and soothing to the upbeat and exciting, all beneath a cloak of twinkling stars.

Vail Village, Lionshead Village, Cascade Village, East Vail, or West Vail. No matter which of the Vail villages you explore into, you will find yourself right at home. Vail Valley is a place of comfort as well as excitement.

Nighttime brings a restful slumber, as there’s no other way to sleep in Vail. Take relaxation to the next level in one of the elite resorts. Enjoy the embrace of a historical, family-owned inn. Rent a luxurious condo for the family, giving everyone the space, they need to fully absorb the magic in Vail Valley.

It’s been said that only a miracle could have transformed the former sheep pasture into the center of the skiing universe – and such an enchanted destination at Vail Mountain. That miracle transpired with hard work, open hearts, and the outpouring of passion from the most creative and innovative risk-takers. They came together to create a special place that combines everything you need to live in the moment. And create memories that endure forever.

There is only one Vail.

Explore Vail

There’s only one Vail.

Vail is a certified sustainable mountain destination

There are few places left in this world where you can wander through an untouched forest, enveloped by the smell of pine. Where wildlife is blissfully unaware of our presence, and billions of stars remain unobstructed by city lights. And that’s why at Vail, sustainability is not only our duty but our passion. Everyday, we work to keep this dream alive through programs and commitments that keep our footprint small and our resources plentiful.

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