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Everkrisp trail sign in open field with grasses

Everkrisp Trail

4.1 miles (one way)

CLOSED through June 20

The Everkrisp Trail, opened in 2019, is a 4.1-mile mixed-use trail connecting Minturn and Eagle-Vail. The trail climbs a total of 708 feet as it ascends the hillside before descending into Eagle-Vail, featuring moderate switchbacks suitable for hiking and biking.

Travelers can enjoy deep aspen forests and open meadows, which display vibrant wildflowers in July and August. The route offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains and opportunities for wildlife sightings, making it an appealing pathway for moderate outdoor activity.

Please note, the Everkrisp Trail is subject to a US Forest Service seasonal closure from November 23 to June 20 to protect deer and elk during their calving season.


Show Your Love for Vail Trails

Hiking in Vail goes hand in hand with caring for our pristine natural environment. Here’s how you can do your part!

Stay on the Trail

No shortcuts - going off trail compromises trail construction, kills the vegetation, increases soil erosion and may result in reduced water quality.

Pack Out Trash

Stash it until you can trash it - anything you bring with you, you must pack back out! Trash can hurt wildlife and contaminate water ways.

Dog Do's and Don'ts

Do pick up the doo – pack out all dog poop. Don’t let dogs off leash – this is to protect them from wildlife and wildlife from them.

Respect Wildlife

Give them space - observe wildlife from a distance and do not follow or approach them. Never feed animals as it can alter their behavior.

Plan Ahead

Take the trail less traveled - there are over a hundred miles of hiking trails in the Vail area! Use the trail guide to discover area trails and whenever possible ride a bike or take a FREE Town of Vail bus to the trailhead.

Driving Directions

Access: Travel west on I-70 to exit 171 for Minturn, Leadville, and Highway 24. Exit here and turn right (south). Just past the interstate look for a large parking lot on the right. The trail begins from the south end of the parking lot near the white house.

Dogs & Leashes

On all trails that enter the Eagles Nest Wilderness, as well as on the North Trail, DOGS ARE REQUIRED TO BE ON A PHYSICAL LEASH. If you would like to hike with your dog off leash, there are several areas you can go, such as any trail, aside from the North Trail, that does not enter the Eagles Nest Wilderness, as well as dog parks within the Town of Vail. Remember that, no matter where you are, when in public, your dog needs to be under verbal control. Also, if you use a provided dog waste bag, please remember to carry it out with you. The bags are not biodegradable.