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A group of mountain bikers riding through a meadow at sunset.

Vail Symposium

Event Details

The Vail Symposium is a grassroots, non-profit organization that has been part of the life and history of Vail since 1971. Our mission is to provide educational programs for the Vail Valley community that are thought-provoking, diverse and affordable.


June 3  |  6-7pm:The Nitty Gritty: What You Need To Know About Rare Earth Elements

June 9  |  6-7pm:Crossing the Threshold: The Continuity of Consciousness From This Life To The Next


June 16  |  6-7pm: Great Decisions: Global Supply Chains and U.S. Security


June 21 |  6-7pm: By The People: Voting and Elections in America




June 29 |  6-7pm:

David vs Goliath: Colorado Takes on Big Tech