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Yellow rubber ducks floating in a river near a bridge.

Vail Duck Race

Event Details

The Vail Rotary Club is planning a much smaller duck race this year. They will have 100 ducks numbered from 00 to 99. A winning number will be comprised from the numbers on two ducks. For example, if the first duck that crosses the finish line is number 38 and the second number is 42, the winning number will be 3842. The next two ducks will make up the second winning number and so on. Using this method, there will be a total of 9,990 possible numbers available. The Vail Duck Race will happen sometime on Sunday, September 6 on a different part of Gore Creek. In order to avoid crowds everyone is encouraged to watch the live stream of the event on the Vail Duck Race Facebook page. The time of the race will be announced on the Facebook page around Noon.