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The Colorado Alpine EcoFlora Project

Event Details

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Emily Griffoul, Conservation Scientist – An Introduction to the Colorado Alpine EcoFlora Project

Are you interested in alpine plants and want to contribute to science? Join Betty Ford Alpine Garden’s Conservation Scientist, Emily Griffoul, for an introduction to the Colorado Alpine EcoFlora Project, a community-science botany project powered by iNaturalist, the free, easy-to-use nature identification app!  We’ll start with an indoor introduction and then move outdoors into the Gardens to try out our skills.

By taking high-quality photos of what you see in the alpine with your smartphone and uploading them to iNaturalist, you can help them  understand the diversity and phenology of alpine plants through time. This workshop will provide instruction on how to download and use iNaturalist; how to join the project; and what important characteristics to capture in your observations.