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Summer Concert with Old Crow Medicine Show

Old Crow Medicine Show | AMP Summer Concerts

Event Details

Experience this performance this summer at The Amp, Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater , a spectacular, intimate outdoor venue in Vail.

This year, Old Crow Medicine Show celebrates 23 years of making live music together. Old Crow Medicine Show keeps turning new pages in their collective story. It’s a story that includes all the stars they chased, all those fans who followed in their chasing, and each of the musicians who made the chase their own. The journey that began in a Volvo station wagon at the Canadian border in the fall of 1998 continues to unfold in ways unimaginable. Their exploration of the continent’s heritage in song simply keeps on producing. Until that vein is tapped they’ll probably just keep on digging. And that’ll likely take a good long while.. 

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