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Après Speaker Series

Event Details

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens host an evening speaker series with experts from around the world with a theme of Plants are An Answer, based on Project Drawdown.  Located at the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Visitor Center and some programs are virtual, ticket pricing varies.

8/11/21– The Colorado River and Changing Climate 

Brad Udall, Senior Water & Climate Research Scientist, Colorado Water Institute, Colorado State University

Climate scientists agree that the Colorado River Basin is already much warmer and will continue to get warmer – over 1°C since the mid 20th century and potentially 2°C or more by mid-century – resulting in reduced stream flows and increased system losses.

8/25 – Webinar – Tundra be Dammed 

Dr. Ken Tape, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Willows have been moving into the tundra of Alaska with a warming climate, displacing native vegetation. Beavers have followed their food supply and built dams, intensifying permafrost melt. Join Ken as he lets you in on his long-term studies of the North Slope of Alaska. This presentation will be a webinar.

 9/8 – Adapting Farming with a Changing Climate 

Dr. Tim Crews, Director of Ecological Intensification and Lead Scientist, Soil Ecology Program, The Land Institute, Kansas

The Land Institute is a science-based research organization working to develop an alternative to current destructive agricultural practices. Join Tim as he discusses progress on advancing perennial grain crops and polyculture farming.

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