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Deluge Lake Trail

The Deluge Lake Trail splits from the Gore Creek Trail about 0.1 mile from the Gore Creek trailhead. Take this left onto the narrow trail which heads north before curving and heading northeast the rest of the way. The trail will pass through several boulder fields, and then cling to a very steep slope as … Continued

Bighorn Creek Trail

The first 1/2 mile of the trail climbs steeply out of the Vail Valley, then more gradually climbs up through stands of aspen and pine. The trail passes beaver ponds and the remains of old mining camps as well as Bighorn Falls. Near mile 2, the views of Vail and Bighorn drainage are exceptional. Around … Continued

Gore Creek Trail

The first 4 miles of the trail climbs alongside Gore Creek. There are some short steep sections along the way. The trail winds through meadows and aspen groves which change to conifer stands as the elevation increases. At mile 4, the trail forks; crossing Gore Creek leads you over Red Buffalo Pass to Summit County … Continued