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Winter: Hot Chocolate Trail

The best part about winding down from a day of playing in the snow is hot chocolate. At two of the toniest hotels in Vail even the hot chocolate is an event. Hot chocolate isn’t just for kids in Vail with decadent hotel creations and great slopside servings. During the cold winter months, wander along … Continued

Fall: Tyrolean Trail

“Vail seemingly transports visitors back in time as they stroll through the town’s traditional architecture, cobblestone walkways and bridges,” according to a recent article in Travel + Leisure. Inspired by Italian, German, Swiss and Austrian influences, Vail’s design and genuine hospitality come from its roots that date back to World War II. Vail’s founder Pete … Continued

Summer: Game Trail

Wild game such as venison, elk and fowl provide a lean source of protein that can be both healthy and delicious in flavor. According to Dataseential, elk has risen as a menu selection by 115 percent over the last four years, however, in Vail, game options have always been in vogue. Wander into some of … Continued

Foods That Melt Trail

Spring is a time of transition as the snow starts to melt and warmer temperatures prevail. Vail restaurants also feature warm, rich options that showcase melted cheese and chocolate or things that melt like ice cream if not consumed quickly! Check out these stops along the Foods That Melt Trail.

Winter Snowshoe Tour

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Enjoy a snowshoe through the winter wonderland of the these beautiful gardens.  You’ll learn about alpine flora and mountain environments, identification, and the history of Betty Ford Alpine Gardens and Vail. WEDENSDAYS — Winter Web of Life You’re also welcome to take advantage of  a self-guided Tree Trail snowshoe tour through … Continued