Yoga Offerings

Namaste in Vail. You’ll find Yoga throughout Vail, including Mountain Top Yoga, Goat Yoga, and even free yoga at Solaris on select days in the summer.

If you love yoga you know why the benefits are amazing. The way your body feels when you move all of it, the kinds of movements you don’t get sitting at your work desk.

The way your mind feels when you free it from unwanted negative thoughts and think only about feeling relieved as the muscles expand and the toxins are released.

If you have thought about yoga but have never done it. Vail is that place to try it!  The instructors in our Valley, love what they do and understand when someone new joins a class.  They will give you the attention you need to understand what to do and get the most value out of it.

Take a taste!  There are several places in Vail that offer a variety of yoga classes from beginner to specialized yoga.  Every Saturday on the Solaris Lawn there is a free yoga class.  You will need to bring your own mat and water bottle.  Betty Ford Alpine Gardens has yoga and mediation throughout the summer.  Vail Mountain offers mountain top yoga, where you ride the Gondola to the top and participate in a class with world-class views.