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Rafting Guided Tours

When the snow melts from the mountaintops, the rivers in and around Vail come alive.  Guided rafting trip options are available for full-day, half-day, and quick trips from Class I up to Class V rapids on the Eagle, Colorado and nearby Arkansas Rivers.  Depending on your groups’ ages and level of adventure, here are a few of our favorites: The Shoshone Trip (Class III) through spectacular Glenwood Canyon on the Colorado river is a classic. Or, hit the Arkansas River for Brown’s Canyon (Class III) or the extreme Numbers section (Class IV). Various sections of the Eagle and Colorado Rivers offer enjoyable float trips (Class I) to more adventurous runs through small rapids (Class II-III) depending on the time of year and water flow.  Vail’s Whitewater Park in the center of the village (by the International Bridge) is the perfect playground for kayaks.

Book your rafting trip with one of Vail’s trusted rafting companies to ensure rafting is on your itinerary while in Vail!

AVA’s Colorado Rafting
Lakota Guides
Colorado River Runs, Inc.
Nova Guides
Sage Outdoor Adventures
Timberline Tours, Inc.