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Nordic Skiing Adventures

We look forward to welcoming you for Nordic skiing lessons and tours where we will provide a safe and fun experience that will help take your skills to the next level. Come explore the wilderness around Vail on one of our private tours. We also offer Telemark skiing lessons on Vail Mountain. Explore a side of Vail you’ve never seen before.

Long before it was a sport, cross-country skiing was a necessity of daily life as a form of transportation from Scandinavia to Siberia. It evolved into a sport sometime in the late 18th century, once more reliable forms of transportation were developed. Cross-country skiing hit the big times when it was featured in the 1988 Olympics, though many people have been practicing the recreational form (also known as touring) for a couple of centuries. Over the past few decades the genre evolved, and now, Nordic sports also include Telemark skiing, snowshoeing, AT touring and split-boarding.

If you thought downhill skiing or snowboarding kept you in great shape, try a day on a pair of cross-country skis and you’ll understand why these athletes are so unbelievably fit.  This is because Nordic skiing uses virtually every muscle in your body to propel you forward. In fact, many experts recommend that you spend time strength conditioning before you begin cross-country skiing as a serious hobby.  Give it a try!