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History and Botanical Knowledge of the Native Utes

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Lynn Albers, Paleobotanist – History and Botanical Knowledge of the Native Utes Join local ethnobotanist, Lynn Albers, as she discusses the Ute peoples and their use of Colorado flora.  The Utes, or Nuche as they call themselves, were the historic indigenous peoples who lived in the Colorado High Country.  Lynn’s discussion … Continued

What Did the Dinosaurs Eat?

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Dr. Gussie Maccracken, Denver Museum of Nature and Science – What Did the Dinosaurs Eat? Dr. Maccracken studies fossil plants and their ecological interactions in deep time. She focuses on reconstructing ancient landscapes during the Late Cretaceous (Age of the Dinosaurs), across the Cretaceous–Paleogene mass extinction, and into the first million … Continued

Exploring the South Island of New Zealand

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Rowan Nygaard, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens and Longwood Gardens Exploring the South Island of New Zealand: Botany in Te Waka a Maui  This lecture will highlight the journey of an amateur botanist throughout much of the South Island of New Zealand. From subalpine scree to temperate rainforest, explore the fascinating plant … Continued

Dinosaurs of Eagle County

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Billy Doran, Executive Director, Museum at Dinosaur Junction – Dinosaurs of Eagle County Executive Director of The Museum at Dinosaur Junction, Billy Doran, will introduce participants to the world of dinosaurs, focusing on those that inhabited Eagle County in the Mesozoic  

Finding Your Inner Botanical Artist

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Dorothy DePaulo and Sharon Garett, Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists, Finding Your Inner Botanical Artist: An Introduction to Botanical Art In this one-day workshop we will discuss the definition of botanical art and how it differs from other plant art. We will study plant structures, basic leaf shape, venation, and … Continued

Botanical Preamble

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Emily Griffoul and Nanette Kuich – Botanical Preamble  Emily Griffoul, Conservation Scientist, and Nanette Kuich, Education Director at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, will introduce the science of botany. The morning will be a classroom introduction to botany basics and the afternoon will be spent observing and keying local plants. Please bring … Continued