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Vail Winterfest Exhibit

The 17th Annual Vail Winterfest (dates TBD for 2023-34) will take place on the Gore Creek Promenade in Vail Village. The 2022-23 stunning illuminated ice installation, titled New Wave, was on view until the ice melted (typically a four week display). Enjoy the ice sculptures during the day along the creek or in the evening when they are illuminated at dusk until 10 p.m.

Collaborating with visual artist Ben Roth, Paul Wertin and his team carved 27,000 pounds of ice to create 50 undulating wave-like forms. The tallest sculptures measure 9 feet tall. The artist wanted the challenge of creating a moire effect which is captured in the larger installation.

“It has been great fun designing an ice sculpture installation while considering the material’s transparency and transformation over time. I can’t wait to see it come to life and then gradually sublimate,” explains Ben Roth.

Ben Roth’s artistic creations have been enjoyed in Vail for a decade. The Jackson based artist has a talent for working in a variety of mediums from beetle killed felled lodge pole to sculpting hard wired mesh screens. Most recently Roth created a permanent and interactive play-based environment of 20 brightly painted steel horsetail grass plants for Stephens Park Playground in West Vail.

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