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Traveling Eats: Love Letter to Vail & its Bavarian History

Listen to Parklandia Podcast’s Love Letter to Vail & its Bavarian History

Podcasters Brad and Matt Kirouac’s Parklandia show on iHeartRadio is a witty, informative and educational look at national parks and the places they visit traveling throughout the United States. The duo recently visited Vail in the summer and produced a love letter to the destination’s Bavarian heritage and food culture in an episode titled, “Traveling Eats With Matt: Behind the Vail.”

In the podcast, Matt opens up by telling listeners how much he loves the destination.

“This is my dream place, Vail, Colorado,” said Matt. “This is a place that if I win the lottery, I would totally buy some serious property here. It’s seriously a mountain town paradise — it doesn’t get much better than this.”

Matt and Brad showcase Vail’s Bavarian roots throughout the show and how they tie with the food scene in the community.

“It’s a mind-blowingly beautiful place in the summer with a specific and interesting history,” noted the duo. “It’s a little slice of the alps in the Rocky Mountains and it’s amazing.”

They also give kudos to the regions founders who committed to this vision of capturing the look, feel and culture of Bavaria throughout the destination. And, they even noted that today the culture and dedication to Vail’s original vision is alive and well.

They take a deep dive into Vail’s restaurant scene showcasing the area’s world-class flavors. They highlight Almresi for “sharing their culture, home and recipes” with visitors to Vail. Almresi is family owned and operated and features the flavors of their German heritage. Other must-visit stops in Vail that are noted include Alpenrose, Vail Brewing Company, Two Arrow Coffee & Bar, 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirits and Root & Flower.

They also highlight lodging at Grand Hyatt Vail and its unique Champagne vending machine showcasing mini bottles of Moet & Chandon. They called this a “rare treat” since it’s the only Champagne vending machine in Colorado and one a few in the United States.

The podcast does a great job of giving listeners some additional inside information on the various activities visitors can enjoy during their time in Vail along with amazing events that are “not to be missed” like the Vail Farmers’ Market & Art Show and September’s annual Oktoberfest celebration.

The Parklandia podcast is definitely worth the 30-minute listen. Take the time to find out why Matt and Brad say that “(Vail) only gets better and better. It truly feels like nothing else.”

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