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4 Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

4 Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

Small Businesses Provide a Greater Diversity of Products to Choose From
Want to find that truly unique stocking stuff or must have item for a special family member? Look no farther than our local shops that spend each season personally curating their inventory.

Small Businesses Create a Sense of Community
Between the sales tax that businesses pay to help our town stay vibrant and beautiful and the local donations they give to our community schools and non profits, small businesses are the backbone of our community and create the character and charm we all love.

Small Business Provides Better Customer Service
Why shop online when you can visit your local businesses for personable, hands on, memorable service.  Most small businesses will help you with your holiday wrapping and shipping of items you purchase in their stores.  Just ask!

It Makes You Feel Good to Support Your Local Community
When you shop small you are supporting your neighbor and helping them to grow and provide local jobs.  Every time you shop local that business owners does a little happy dance on the inside.